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Hunt or Be Hunted

  • VACO 5410 Maryland Way Brentwood, TN, 37027 United States (map)

Until you are actively engaged in hunting down the presence of adversarial elements on your network, you can expect to stay in a reactive posture, behind the attacker. Join us to see a live demonstration of the world's first fully automated Malop hunting and behavioral analysis engine and see how Cybereason is helping organizations across the globe stay in front of their adversary by giving them full visibility into the enterprises they protect. Here, you will learn what the term Malop (Malicious Operation) means and why it has become the single most important concept every cyber security professionals need to understand today. You will see how Cybereason is being used in three key detection scenarios:

  1. Finding the known
  2. Incriminating the 'unknown' with the 'known'
  3. Detecting the unknown

Presenter Bio


Dan Mitchell has been a security practitioner for over 17 years where he has primarily focused on helping organizations detect and prevent malicious digital intrusions. He is currently a Senior Systems Engineer at Cybereason where he is at the forefront of working with state-of-the-art endpoint detection technology. Dan has dedicated his career to learning, researching, developing and evangelizing the application of artificial intelligence in security as a way to gain strategic advantage over the adversary. Prior to joining Cybereason, Dan had done extensive work as a Security Data Scientist at companies such as ThreatConnect, Recorded Future and RSA. When not working, Dan enjoys solving math problems, making music, writing code, reading and spending time with his wife and 3 beautiful children.